12 Week Marketing Makeover Program

Give me 12 weeks and I'll help you transform your marketing forever!


Join Australia's Premier Small Business Marketing Expert Paul McCarthy and Discover How To Transform Your Marketing Results In Record Time!

Join the thousands of Small Business Owners who have participated in the 12 Week Marketing Makeover Program (12WMM) and experience Rapid Business Growth.  

Based on Paul's acclaimed Priority Marketing System, the 12WMM program offers entrepreneurs at any stage of their development with a step-by-step formula to enhance their marketing MESSAGE, MATERIALS, and METHODS so they attract more clients, more often, for more money and all with much greater ease than ever before. 

Step #1 Message

Discover how to build a compelling marketing message that creates a meaningful point of difference between you and your competitors and is irresistible to your prospectve customers.

Step #2 Materials

Learn how to build viral marketing materials that people will not only want to consume but actively share on your behalf - helping you to consistently win more high value clients for your business.

Step #3 Methods 

Save time, energy and money by learning which are the most effective channels for you to use to amplify your message to the world and create a consistent flow of leads through your door.

The 12WMM Program is designed to enable you to build the marketing resources you need to succeed from the comfort of your home or office.

Once you learn how to elegantly align the 3 M's of Marketing, (Message, Materials and Method) you will know the secret to consistently attract prospects into your marketing funnel. 

Whether your business is product or service based, online or offline, the ability to attract your target audience, generate leads and build a database are all vitally important for the sustainable growth of your business. 

The 12WMM offers you the chance to create the marketing mindset, habits and strategies that will position your business for long-term success.

YES Paul, I am ready to rapidly accelerate the growth of my business and I would like to learn the exact marketing strategies you have used to transform other businesses just like mine!

How It Works

How to Build Your Unique Message and become the STAND OUT player in your field.

If you want to penerate the noise and grab the ATTENTION of your prospective customer, you must learn how to design a powerful and potent MESSAGE TO MARKET. Over the first four weeks of the program, you will be guided through the process of developing your own Unique Value Proposition and will create a meaningful point of difference in the marketplace.

In this section (Weeks 1-4), you'll discover how to:

  • Target your best buyers and grab their attention
  • Stand out from the crowd no matter how noisy it is
  • Design a message that gives you a real competitve edge
  • Comfortably communicate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Build Viral Marketing Materials 

To maximise your ability to convert more prospects into clients, it's essential that your marketing materials have VIRAL POTENTIAL. During this section of the program, you will learn exactly how to craft customer centric messages and create materials your prospects and customers will actively want to consume and share for you. 

In this section (Weeks 5-8), you'll discover how to:

  • Design a customer centric brochure people want to read
  • Build a compelling lead magnet that's irresistible to prospects
  • Create a sequential email campaign to turn leads into customers
  • Design a lumpy mail piece that gets real cut through

Amplify Your Message to the World

If you want to gain the attention of your ideal customer,. you must identify where you need to sing your song. The final piece of the marketing puzzle is learning how to ensure your message is heard by the right people. In the final section of the program, you will learn how to leverage all the channels available to you to attract a consistent flow of high quality leads through your door.

In this section (Weeks 9-12), you'll discover how to:

  • Identify the best Social Media channels for you to leverage  
  • Design your website so it becomes an effective lead generator
  • Create free publicity and media coverage for your business  
  • Build a squeeze page to capture more leads, more often


Social Media Live Script Template

Two Live Coaching Calls 

At the completion of Week 4 and Week 8, you will be invited to join Paul for a live group coaching call where you can share your progress and trouble shoot any challenges you are facing. 

Materials and Templates

In addition to the workbooks and templates included in the 12WMM Program, you will also receive exclusive access to a series of other resources, tools & short courses in our members only library.

13th Week Live Workshop

All graduates will be invited to a bonus live 3 hour workshop to help with the implementation and completion of any tools or resourses to help maximise your results. 

What Clients Say About Paul And His Programs 


Our marketing mindset shifted 180°. By applying what we have learnt, we have doubled both our average order size and number of sales. Your program has been, without doubt, the single best investment we have made in the growth of our business.  

JULIA SURTEES Jolie Image Photography 

The impact you have had on our business is beyond words. From being frustrated, tired and ready to throw in the towel, today we are focused, energised and importantly making money. Bookings are flowing in like never before. I am so grateful we found you.  

MARK BLOODWORTH Lifeblood Performance 

Paul, what you taught me about marketing has completely transformed my business. Today I am attracting more clients, for higher fees than I ever dreamed possible. You are simply the best in the business. 

JAN BARNED Financial Management Trainer 

Paul your program has completely transformed the way that I work in my business. Your depth of knowledge and ability to provide sound advice to any business, no matter the industry, is simply incredible.  

WARWICK MERRY The Get More Guy  

I can’t recommend your program highly enough. I followed the step by step process you taught us. I am astounded at how successful it was! Your program has paid for itself at least 15 times over. Thank you so much.  

VALERIE DE SILVA Together Forever Weddings 

In my opinion Paul is the best marketing mentor in this country. Thanks to his guidance, I have been able to create marketing tools and campaigns that have helped me win lots of high value clients. My only regret is I didn’t find him earlier. 


My business expanded 5 fold and today I earn in a day what used to take me 3 months. Paul's Marketing coaching helped me to get over my 'perfectionism' syndrome to taking powerful strategic actions that propelled me to being a leader in the industry.  

LORENZO CAPITANIO The Music Education Academy 

 After five years of hard work, I realised nothing was changing. I kept saying it will get better next year, but it kept getting worse. I needed help! Not only is the business making more money, I am finally creating the life I’ve always wanted.  

DANIELLE STOREY Million Dollar Relationships  

Without your program, Million Dollar Relationships would still be an idea and the success I am living would still be a dream.

Christmas Special Offer (Save $600) 

The 12WMM program is normally valued at $97 per week, but this year we are offering 100 lucky entrepreneurs the chance to complete the program over Christmas for half price.

If you want to make a great start to 2019, then don't miss your chance to join our next 12WMM intake starting on Thursday 15th November 2018 and save a whopping $600!

Two Convenient Payment Options Available

  • Our Most Popular  
  • One Payment Plan Save an additional $64  
  • Easy Payment Plan 

12 easy weekly instalments 0f $47 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

The 12WMM will benefit any small business owner who is serious about improving their ability to market their talent and is ready to start earning what they're worth. The program will be especially useful for anyone who wants to generate more leads, sales and repeat customers. This program will show you how to increase your visibility and dramatically improve your marketing mindset, both online, on social media and offline.

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Entrepreneur To Sign Up For This Training?

No. It doesn't matter if you've been in business for 5 weeks, 5 years or for 5 decades. All you need is a genuine desire to want to learn how to effectively market your business. This program will give you a proven framework for positioning your expertise, attracting more clients and building a profitable business, no matter how long you've been in operation.

Why Is This Training Over 12 Weeks?

The 12WMM has been designed to be delivered over a 12 week period for two key reasons. The first is by leaving a week between each session, you have the time to implement the lesson. Instead of delivering al this information in a one or two day intensive, we have broken the training into bite size chunks making it easier for you to action. The second reason is by dedicating some time each week to watch the video, complete the workbook or template and then implement the idea, you are forming the valuable habit of working regularly on the marketing of your business. A habit that will serve you well in the future. 

Do I have to watch the lessons as soon as they arrive?

No, the beauty of the 12WMM Program is you can complete the lessons in your own time. This allows you the flexibility to schedule when you will listen to the sessions around your other work commitments. We do however, recommend that you schedule the time in your diary for when you will listen and complete the work, and don't fall into the trap of letting sessions build up. The only sessions we encourage you to lock into your diary are the two live coaching calls with Paul. However, if you are unable to make the live call, a recording will be made available to you. 

Where is the 13th Week Live workshop held and do I have to attend?

No you certainly don't have to attend the live workshop. This is a bonus session which is held in Melbourne, so we understand that not all our interstate (or local participants will be able to attend. But the good news is we record the event and make it available to everyone on the program.  

What If I Have Questions After I Register?

Once you enrol for the program, you’ll receive information from us in preparation of the launch day so you can maximise the benefits of the program on your business. But if you have any questions, you can always email info@marketersclub.com.au or call the office on 1300 788 839 during business hours. 

Graduation (Winners of Best in Class Awards)  

At the completion of every 12WMM program, we celebrate the achievements of all the participants and award the prize of Best in Class in five key categories.  

  • Best Brochure 
  • Best Direct Mail Piece 
  • Best Media Release 
  • Best Pull Marketing Magnet 
  • Best Marketing Sequence

We love to reward action takers and acknowledge those people who are not content to passively listen and watch, but who take immediate action and get to work building all the recommended resources along the way. 

A personal note from Paul

I designed the 12WMM program to give entrepreneurs like you an affordable way to create the marketing tools you need to transform your CLIENT ATTRACTION abilities.  

The truth is MARKETING is the lifeblood of any business. If you can’t attract a consistent stream of high value clients to your door, you are in trouble.

The fact is I was tired of watching really good people (entrepreneurs), who had tremendous skills and abilities throw in the towel and GIVE UP, simply because they couldn’t ATTRACT the clients they needed to create a sustainable business and lifestyle.

The 12WMM is a revolutionary program that offers you a unique opportunity to receive expert guidance and the assistance you need to create your own Marketing Transformation right from the comfort of your home or office. 

The program isn’t about offering you marketing theory. It’s about helping you to build the practical marketing tools you need to transform your business.  

I really hope you will take the opportunity to join me and let me help you create the success you so richly deserve.

Wishing you success and prosperity always. Paul.