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Join us at our last Doncaster GrowthHUB meeting for 2018


Our final Doncaster GrowthHUB meeting for this year will be held... 

Date: THURSDAY 1st November 2018

Venue: Beau Monde International

Note the change of venue for our last meeting.

Address: 934-938 Doncaster Road, Doncaster East

Time: Commences at 6pm and concludes by 9pm

Parking: FREE available around the venue.

What's on in NOVEMBER

Our Special Guest 

Brett Dashwood of The Document Institute, is a customer communications expert helping organisations keep customers longer with the new science of customer retention.

Brett helps medium to large organisations to transform communication that grows their business through being efficient and more effective, enabling engaged customers.

We all understand how important customer communication is in our business, so get along and hear some great educational insights from Brett and see how you can begin to retain even more customers in your business.

Brett Dashwood

Why Business Owners Want To Join A GrowthHUB

We live in a CONNECTIONS ECONOMY which means in order to grow a strong business, we need to build quality relationships with other committed business owners.  

A GrowthHUB offers you the chance to be part of a FUN and VIBRANT community of entrepreneurs who actively support each other's growth and development by sharing business insights, building relationships and creating valuable introductions.

Now you can be plugged into a community of business owners both locally and nationally that will allow you to increase your reach, expand your brand and build a thriving enterprise. 

A GrowthHUB Offers You A Revolutionary New Approach To Building Your Small Business with access to:  

  • Practical marketing advice to help grow your business.  
  • A network of business owners to connect with both locally and nationally.  
  • A committed community of like-minded business owners dedicated to helping you succeed.

More GrowthHUBS Opening Soon


Caroline Springs



What makes a GrowthHUB different?

As a member, you enjoy the opportunity to build meaningful connections with other local business owners as well as being plugged into a national community of small business entrepreneurs. 

We believe in abundance rather than scarcity, so GrowthHUBS aren't capped by category or industry which stifles the chance for you to grow your network and maximise your opportunities. 

HUBs offer you the chance to grow your knowledge, your network and your business. They are built on the sharing of great marketing insights, latest trends and best practice ideas, allowing you to gain the information, connections and support you need to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business. 

Your HUB Manager will support you and facilitate the creation of valuable introductions to help expand your network. Plus you enjoy the opportunity to visit other HUBS around Australia as they come on line to build even more connections.

While education and support are the first priorities of a GrowthHUB, helping you generate referred business is a significant side benefit. And the good news is there are no forced quota systems that pressure you to generate referrals; instead referrals will flow naturally and willingly from your HUB buddies.

Meet Your HUB Manager

Des Turner, Doncaster GrowthHUB Manager

Des is the founder of About Your Business. He has worked as an accountant, administrator, trainer, facilitator, business coach & mentor as well as a business rescuer in a diverse range of management, finance and training roles. With over 30 years' experience at senior levels across a wide range of organisations, Des brings a wealth of experience to his role as a HUB Manager.

Like to open a GrowthHUB in your area & supercharge the growth of your business?

Doncaster HUB Location Map

Can't find a GrowthHUB close to you? 

No Sweat!

The great news is we are planning to open GrowthHUB's across Australia, so even if you can't find a HUB near you right now, rest assured we're working hard to fix that. 

If you would like to see a HUB in your area, simply join the waiting list today and we'll let you know as soon as we have one opening in your area. 

Sit tight - we are working on it!

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