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The Yarrawonga GrowthHUB's meeting will be held... 


Venue: Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Address: Golf Club Road, Mulwala

Time: Commences at 6pm and concludes by 9pm

Parking: FREE available around the venue.

Our Special Guest in November!

Jenn Donovan, Marketers Club COO, Head Coach and Head of Social Media is joining us in November to talk all things social media.

Jenn will be walking you through the basics of paid Facebook advertising and compare it to boosting posts.

If you've never done a Facebook ad or find it a jungle whenever you do, or perhaps you're an expert, I'm sure Jenn will have a tip and trick to share and an AHA moment to go with it!

Before we get into Facebook paid marketing, there will be plenty of time to go through your own burning social media issues and have them solved so you don't go into your busy Christmas period wondering how to do something!

Join Jenn for this social media masterclass. It's our last one for 2018 and it's certainly not one to be missed.

Jenn Donovan

What makes a GrowthHUB different?

As a member, you enjoy the opportunity to build meaningful connections with other local business owners as well as being plugged into a national community of small business entrepreneurs. 

We believe in abundance rather than scarcity, so GrowthHUBS aren't capped by category or industry which stifles the chance for you to grow your network and maximise your opportunities. 

HUBs offer you the chance to grow your knowledge, your network and your business. They are built on the sharing of great marketing insights, latest trends and best practice ideas, allowing you to gain the information, connections and support you need to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business. 

Your HUB Manager will support you and facilitate the creation of valuable introductions to help expand your network. Plus you enjoy the opportunity to visit other HUBS around Australia as they come on line to build even more connections.

While education and support are the first priorities of a GrowthHUB, helping you generate referred business is a significant side benefit. And the good news is there are no forced quota systems that pressure you to generate referrals; instead referrals will flow naturally and willingly from your HUB buddies.

Meet Your HUB Manager

Annalise Grinter, Yarrawonga GrowthHUB Manager

Annalise Grinter is an online marketing expert that specialises in helping business owners reach their full potential with the power of online marketing.

As the founder of award winning Seamless Consulting, Annalise has helped businesses double their income with her dynamic marketing strategies.

With over 12 years working experience with businesses of all sizes, Annalise has the enthusiasm, energy and key skills to lead the Yarrawonga GrowthHUB.

Like to open a GrowthHUB in your area & supercharge the growth of your business?

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