Trying to make it on your own in business can be TOUGH. Let’s face it, small business owners are to be experts at every aspect of business. Today it’s not enough to be talented at what you do – you need to be great at networking, marketing, copywriting and selling. You also need to be great with numbers, managing staff, suppliers, and of course balancing your family life.

Is it any wonder that around 52% of start-ups throw in the towel after just 12 months?

No one person can hold all the answers and that’s why as entrepreneurs we need access to a team of highly skilled EXPERTS who can help us accelerate our progress, show us how to avoid the pitfalls and guide us smoothly through the many complexities of running a successful business.

At the Marketers Club Small Business Marketing Agency, we have assembled an incredible array of highly experienced, talented and successful entrepreneurs. Each one has built a successful business so they understand exactly what it takes to succeed.

The bottom line is success comes easier to you when you have an area expert guiding you every step of the way.

Meet the extraordinary team who support the growth and development of all our members.

Paul McCarthy

CEO & Founder of the Marketers Club, Head of Marketing Development

Paul McCarthy is known as Australia’s RockStar Marketer and over the past 15 years he has positively influenced well over 300,000 entrepreneurs.

David Penglase

Head of Sales Development

David has been teaching people the art of ethical selling for over 20 years and has worked extensively with many of Australia’s top tier corporate companies.

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Head of Influential Communication

One of the most loved and admired speakers Lisa is the first Australian to be inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame.

Jenn Donovan

COO Marketers Club & Head Coach

Jenn helps guide the fortunes of Marketers Club members, helping them to take action and stay focused. She also works behind the scenes, with CEO Paul McCarthy, building programs and overseeing operations of the Marketers Club.

Yvonne Adele

Head of Social Media Development

Yvonne Adele is the Marketers Clubs Digital Marketing Expert. Yvonne will show you that social media is easy when you know how.

Jules Brooke

Head of Media and PR Development

Jules is the founder of Handle Your Own PR and an expert at helping small business owners win free media coverage.

Bill Cates

Head of Referral Development

Bill Cates is regarded as America’s No.1 Referral Coach and every member of the Marketers Club gets the opportunity to use Bills proven referral generation strategies.

Tim Gard

Head of Presentation Development

If you want to be able to deliver a more engaging, entertain and influential keynote presentation, workshop, staff training session, or sales meeting Tim Gard can help.

Mark Bloodworth

Head of Team Development

One of the most complicated components of growing a business is the acquisition, development and retention of great staff.

Daniel Calleja

Head of Video Production

As video continues to become an increasing important part of online success it’s essential for you to be able to capture and use video effectively as part of your marketing.

Tom Dickson

Head of Entrepreneur Education

At the Marketers Club we believe that it’s essential for entrepreneurs to have access to an ongoing stream of quality education.

Our philosophy

At the Marketers Club we are committed to teaching small business owners how to make more money, so they can make more of a difference in the world.

Core values
  • Personal Responsibility – Success begins when you take 100% responsibility for your actions and results – no matter what.
  • Ready FIRE Aim – It’s not enough to aim to do something you have to do it – Action before perfection
  • Find your Tribe – Find a place where you have peer support, mentorship and the ability to learn, share and grow.
  • Make Marketing a Priority – Creating a great business that delivers profits and lifestyle rewards start with becoming a great marketer.
  • Do the Work – Success is not an accident it comes from putting a focused effort into pushing in one clear direction.
  • Be Brave – Have the courage to follow your heart, listen to your instinct and believe in yourself.
  • Be a Giver – The great irony of life is the more you help others the more rewards you will enjoy.