If you want to be able to deliver a more engaging, entertaining and influential keynote presentation, workshop, staff training session or sales meeting, then Tim Gard can help.

Tim is an International Speaker Hall Of Fame recipient and world leading Humour Coach and he teaches Marketers Club members in the Speakers Program how to bring the funny to every presentation.

Tim is recognised as one the world’s finest humour and presentation development coaches on the planet.

The secrets Tim shares about how to tailor a funnier presentation every time are priceless and they allow members to create presentations that keep your audience (no matter how big or small) spellbound and deeply engaged.

The fact is we buy from the people we like and we like people who have a sense of humour and can make us laugh, so this is a critical business skill any business owner, sales professional or leader should learn.

With nearly 30 years of global speaking experience under his belt, Tim is uniquely qualified to help you become a better presenter.