Yvonne Adele is the Marketers Club’s Digital Marketing Expert. The fact is there is a lot of noise in the marketplace about social media so trying to figure out which media is right for you, how to avoid wasting hours of time and importantly, how to generate business, can be difficult. But Yvonne will show you that social media is easy when you know how.

A true guru in the digital marketing space, Yvonne is a Microsoft graduate with over two decades of experience; she first shot to prominence as Ms Megabyte in the mid 90ʹs. This led to a national media profile and best-selling book, ‘Conquer Your Computer’.

As Ms Megabyte, she authored Australia’s PCs for Dummies and travelled around the world as an IT Reporter for the Today Show and enjoyed a long residency as columnist for both Woman’s Day and Women’s Weekly.

Today Yvonne works with Marketers Club members and teaches you how to build a network of advocates (followers) who not only purchase your products and services, they will also spread the word about YOU to THEIR network.

With Yvonne by your side, you’ll finally be able to leverage social media to build your business.