Marketing Mastery


In 2018, Paul McCarthy along with the Marketers Club team will be bringing Marketing Mastery to MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, ADELAIDE, BRISBANE, AND PERTH. 

Dates to be released shortly. Stay tuned.

Marketing Mastery Live Intensive

Melbourne - Tuesday 21st November 2017

Join Australia's most trusted & admired small business marketing expert, Paul McCarthy, for a deep dive Marketing Intensive that will reveal how to grow your business and your profits in a connections economy. 

This comprehensive half-day intensive is Normally $197 to attend, but you can secure your seat today for FREE

This event is limited to only 80 business owners. 

To secure your seat and start transforming your business fortunes, hurry and Reserve Your Seat Now!

Paul McCarthy - Small Business Marketing Specialist

Best Selling Author & Award Winning Speaker

Discover a Proven Four Step Marketing System To Grow Your Business

During this power-packed 4 hour intensive, Paul will walk you through the exact four step Marketing Mastery system he has used to transform the fortunes of thousands of businesses over the past fifteen years. 

You will walk away from this session with a comprehensive blueprint for business success and know exactly what you need to do, to rapidly grow your profits and your business.


Discover how to attract your ideal buyers consistently and grow a high quality database. 


Learn how to nurture prospects and keep them engaged until they are ready to buy. 


Create a bulletproof sales process and convert more prospects into high value clients. 


Build a step by step pathway of ascension and maximise the value of every client you win. 

Learn Then Do Method

This intensive live, half-day workshop is designed to build your understanding and know-how through practical examples and proven methodologies of effective marketing strategies - the same strategies the Marketers Club has used to help rapidly grow the profits of thousands of small businesses across almost every industry sector imaginable.

YES, Paul I am ready to rapidly accelerate the growth of my business and I would like to learn the exact marketing strategies you have used to transform other businesses just like mine!

What You'll Learn 

STEP 1. Rapidly Increase Your Ability To Attract Clients and Generate Leads!

Generating awareness and attracting your target audience is the first stage of the Marketing Mastery Process. By elegantly aligning the 3 M's of Marketing, you can build a compelling and attention grabbing offering that will allow you to consistently attract prospects into your marketing funnel.

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • Target your best buyers and grab their attention
  • Stand out from the crowd no matter how noisy it is
  • Build a profitable list (even if you're starting from scratch)

STEP 2. Nurture Your Prospects Until They're Ready to Buy!

To maximise your ability to convert more prospects into clients, it's essential that you can nurture a prospect until they are ready to buy. In an increasingly noisy and competitive marketplace, it is the business with the ability to continuously add value and positively engage with the prospect that ultimately wins the business.

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • Employ the Marketers Club proprietary 'Rule of 6 x 2 system' 
  • Build a compelling lead magnet and sequential nurture program
  • Position your expertise and build rapid trust with your prospects

STEP 3. Convert Your Prospects into Clients with a Proven Sales System! 

Converting more leads into sales is both an art and a science. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or both, in this section you'll receive practical tips and actionable techniques for turning a well nurtured prospect into a converted client. And the good news is, you never have to be pushy or manipulative to win the sale because you'll be using our step by step no pressure sales system.

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • Ask powerful questions that create a natural desire to buy
  • Take the pressure and 'salesiness' out of the sales process
  • Increase your prices and sell even more

STEP 4. Ascend Your Customers into Fans and Maximise the Value of Every Client! 

Often business owners are so busy chasing the next sale that they fail to recognise they are sitting on a gold mine of potential income within their existing client base. Here you will learn some key ascension principles that will help you turn "one off" customers into repeat buyers, and good clients into raving fans who will recommend your brand to others and happily pay you higher fees to work with you more closely. 

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • Create more Repeat Buyers and Referrals
  • Understand how the Rings of Expertise work in business
  • Package, Price and Position for Maximum Ascension

Are you ready to take your Marketing to a whole new level of performance?

What Clients Say About Paul 


Our marketing mindset shifted 180°. By applying what we have learnt, we have doubled both our average order size and number of sales. Your program has been, without doubt, the single best investment we have made in the growth of our business.  

JULIA SURTEES Jolie Image Phoography 

The impact you have had on our business is beyond words. From being frustrated, tired and ready to throw in the towel, today we are focused, energised and importantly making money. Bookings are flowing in like never before. I am so grateful we found you.  

MARK BLOODWORTH Lifeblood Performance 

Paul, what you taught me about marketing has completely transformed my business. Today I am attracting more clients, for higher fees than I ever dreamed possible. You are simply the best in the business. 

JAN BARNED Financial Management Trainer 

Paul your program has completely transformed the way that I work in my business. Your depth of knowledge and ability to provide sound advice to any business no matter the industry, is simply incredible.  

WARWICK MERRY The Get More Guy  

I can’t recommend your program highly enough. I followed the step by step process you taught us. I am astounded at how successful it was! Your program has paid for itself at least 15 times over. Thank you so much.  

VALERIE DE SILVA Together Forever Weddings 

In my opinion Paul is the best marketing mentor in this country. Thanks to his guidance I have been able to create marketing tools and campaigns that have helped me win lots of high value clients. My only regret is I didn’t find him earlier. 


My business expanded 5 fold in only 8 months and today I earn in a day what used to take me 3 months. Paul's Marketing coaching helped me to get over my 'perfectionism' syndrome to taking powerful strategic actions that propelled me to being the leader in the industry.  

LORENZO CAPITANIO The Music Education Academy 

 After five years of hard work I realised nothing was changing. I kept saying it will get better next year, but it kept getting worse. I needed help! Within four months of joining your program, revenues jumped over 34%. Not only is the business making more money, I am finally creating the life I’ve always wanted.  

DANIELLE STOREY Million Dollar Relationships  

Without your program, Million Dollar Relationships would still be an idea and the success I am living would still be a dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

The Marketing Mastery Intensive will benefit any small business owner who is serious about improving their ability to market their talent and is ready to start earning what they're worth. This session will be especially useful for anyone who wants to generate more leads, sales and repeat customers. This program will show you how to increase your visibility and dramatically improve your marketing mindset.

Do I Need To Be An Experienced Entrepreneur To Attend This Training?

No. It doesn't matter if you've been in business for 5 weeks, 5 years or for 5 decades. All you need is a genuine desire to want to learn how to effectively market your business. This program will give you a proven framework for positioning your expertise, attracting more clients and building a profitable business, no matter how long you've been in operation.

Why Is This Training Free?

Marketing Mastery is a chance for us to practice what we teach. You see, we believe that effective marketing starts with offering people access to exceptionally valuable information at no cost. That means you are guaranteed to walk away from this training with a host of money-making marketing ideas. But it's also a chance for us to introduce ourselves and showcase to you what we do, so when you are ready to take the next step with your marketing, we hope you'll consider working with us. 

Can I Send An Employee?

Marketing Mastery is designed for business owners, so while we do not exclude an employee from attending, we strongly recommend that you do not delegate the responsibility of marketing your business to someone else. At least, not until you have developed, designed and implemented a solid marketing system yourself. The conversations that happen around the table are entrepreneurial in nature, so to get the most value from the day the business owner should be there.

What Will I Need To Bring With Me?

On arrival at the event, you will receive a comprehensive workbook and pen. We encourage you however, to bring along your business cards and at least a few copies of your current marketing materials. Otherwise, we simply ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new possibilities for your business. 

What If I Have Questions After I Register?

Once you enrol for the free training, you’ll receive information from us on how to best prepare for the day so you can maximise the benefits of this session in your business. But if you have any questions, you can always email or call the office on 1300 788 839 during business hours. 

Where and When

Venue: The Hall, NAB Centre, 700 Bourke St, Melbourne (next to Etihad Stadium) 

Date: Tuesday 21st November 

Time: Registration from 8am Event starts at 9am and concludes at 1pm.

Are you ready to start the journey to becoming a better Marketer of what you do?