Speak Your Way To Success 2018

Speak Your Way To Success Live Master Class

MELBOURNE - Thursday 20th & Friday 21st September 2018


Discover How To Use The Power Of Speaking To Market Your Business And Claim An UNFAIR ADVANTAGE In Your Industry  

Why Speaking Is Such A Powerful Marketing Tool

Hubspots research shows that outside of word of mouth referrals and existing brand awareness, the Number 1 way someone chooses a service provider is they saw them speak at a seminar or event, making speaking one of the most effective marketing tools you will ever have. 

If you have the skill, ability and confidence to speak in front of an audience, then you are sitting on what we like to call the Golden Ticket! The ability to speak to large groups of people provides you with a MASSIVE advantage!  

Here are 7 facts about what speaking can do for your business:  

1. Instantly positions you as a voice of authority in your field.  

2. Allows you to speak one to many and accelerate client attraction.  

3. Enables you to give away massive value upfront.  

4. Quickly demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.  

5. Offers you access to multiple new streams of income.  

6. Provides access to one of the most influential marketing channels you'll ever have.  

7. Gives you a significant competitive advantage in your industry.

Over 2 Intensive Days You'll Learn How To Use The Stage To Rapidly Grow Your Business


Learn how to design an influential presentation audiences will love without giving away the farm in the process. 


Learn how to deliver your ideas in a truly authentic way that hits the mark with your audience every time. 


Learn how to educate your audience and simultaneously create the desire to purchase more of your programs or services. 


Learn how to generate one to many speaking opportunities to educate audiences, position your expertise and win business

The Fastest Way I Know To Grow A Business Is To Speak. 

About Your Guide

Paul McCarthy has used the power of the platform to build two seven figure coaching and consulting businesses. An award winning speaker and the best-selling author of the book 8 Steps to a Remarkable Business, he is recognised as one of Australia's leading small-business marketing experts.

Paul’s down to earth and interactive presentation style has seen him become one of the most in-demand speakers in his field. One of the secrets behind Paul’s success has been his ability to use the platform to build real connections with his audiences and compel people to want to join his programs and purchase his products.  

Now Paul is pulling back the curtain and teaching others how they too can use the power of speaking to unlock mutiple six-figure income streams and dramatically accelerate the growth of their business. 

YES Paul, I am ready to rapidly accelerate the growth of my business and I would like to learn the exact strategies you have used to influence over 320,000 people from the stage.

Paul's Corporate Clients Include... 


This is not another speaker training program. 

This training is designed specifically to teach talented professionals, topic experts and business owners how to use the power of the platform to gain attention, create influence and ultimately win more business. 

This training is limited to ONLY 24 participants ensuring that successful applicants get plenty of individual attention and the opportunity to practice and deliver in front of the group. 

The goal of the Speak Your Way To Success program is NOT to simply help you win one off speaking gigs. It's designed to help you learn how to create speaking opportunities and turn them into a launch point for lucrative ongoing contracts, courses or programs.

What You'll Learn

STEP 1. Design (Package)

The first step to delivering a successful presentation that not only educates and entertains, but also creates the desire to work more deeply with you is the DESIGN. As you'll discover, the goal of your presentation is not to prove how much you know; instead your goal is to help the audience understand the size and scope of their challenges and why they would benefit from working with you more deeply in the future to solve them. 

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • How to construct a presentation that sells 
  • How to build a presentation that gets applause & wins business
  • Elegantly weave your sales messages through your presentation

STEP 2. Authentic Delivery (Perform)

The fact is NONE of us want to be sold to, yet we buy things all the time. The art and science of delivering an effective presentation is wrapped in the ability to be there for the audience and NOT for the sale. AUTHENTIC DELIVERY flows from a genuine care for the audience you serve and by sharing real insights in your own unique voice. 

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • Deliver a message that has real emotional impact
  • Build a relationship of trust and empathy with your audience
  • Position your expertise by addressing the burning issues

STEP 3. Converting Interest (Pitch)

Converting an audience member into a future client requires doing much more than tacking a sales message onto the end of your presentation. Whether you are selling a product, a service, or both, in this section you'll receive practical tips and actionable techniques for turning an interested audience member into a high value client. And the good news is, when you are CONVERTING INTEREST you never have to be pushy or manipulative to win the business because you'll be using our proven g's Model for success.

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • How to apply the 9's Model to every presentation
  • Create a logical and seamless connection to your deeper offering
  • Turn every speaking opportunity ino a significant profit maker

STEP 4. Client Outcomes (Promote) 

Often business owners are so busy chasing a sale they forget their primary aim should be to create an ongoing client. As marketers we don't promote what we do; we promote the outcomes we produce. Whether on stage or off, you must learn to speak in the language of your buyer and promote the CLIENT OUTCOMES you produce. Logically, you are far more likely to be able to produce better results if you get to work with people for a longer period of time. 

In this section you'll discover how to:

  • Promote the benefits of working with you without making it all about you.
  • Understand how to create more speaking opportunities. 
  • Create more people hungry to work with you for longer periods. 

Who Should Attend This Program?

Anyone who recognises the extraordinary marketing power of speaking one to many and fits into one of the following categories:

1. Speakers who want to be able to move beyond one off keynotes and create a recurring income stream.

2. Coaches and trainers who want to rapidly win more ongoing clients.

3. Consultants who want to position their expertise and win the big contracts.

4. Service professionals who want to attract more high value clients.

5. Business owners who want to gain a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

6. Anyone who enjoys speaking and wants to generate more income from each opportunity.

Are you ready to take advantage of your speaking abilities and learn how to grow your business faster than you dreamed possible?

What Clients Say About Paul 

LEANNE MITCHELL Financial Strategist 

I have been a successful businesswoman for over 25 years and always felt confident in my ability to help my clients achieve success. But when it came to sharing my ideas in front of an audience, I was terrified. Thanks to you I can now stand in front of a group with confidence and really connect with the audience. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share my story and make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you.  

CHRISTINE WILLIAMS Smarter Property Investing

The impact you have had on our business is beyond words. By applying what you've taught me Paul, I have been able to 10x my business growth. I can attribute that success to the transformation you have had on my speaking and presentation design. The confidence I have in my own story and the impact it has on the audience is undeniable and truly incredible. I can't thank you enough. 

MARK BLOODWORTH Lifeblood Performance 

Thanks to your program and assistance, I now not only have the confidence to use speaking as a way of adding tremendous value to my audience, I know how to deliver my presentation so I not only get applause, I also get business. If you want to develop your speaking skills and grow your business, then my suggestion is simple: do this program. Your investment will pay for itself many times over. 

JAN BARNED Financial Management Trainer 

Paul your program has completely transformed the way that I work in my business. Your depth of knowledge and ability to provide sound advice to any one no matter the industry, is simply incredible.  

WARWICK MERRY The Get More Guy  

I can’t recommend your program highly enough. I followed the step by step process you taught us. I am astounded at how successful it was! People were literally lining up to buy my materials. In fact I made more from the back of the room than in speaking fee. Your program has paid for itself at least 15 times over. Thank you so much.  

PRABIN GUATAM Digital Entrepreneur

Although English is not my first language, by applying the principle you have taught me I have been able to use speaking to achieve incredible things. Speaking has allowed me to rapidly grow my business, become a person of influence in my industry and play a significant role in helping people in my native Nepal. Thank you for this wonderful gift.  


My business expanded 5 fold in only 8 months and today I earn in a day what used to take me 3 months. Paul's coaching helped me to get over my 'perfectionism' syndrome to taking powerful strategic actions that propelled me to being the leader in the industry.  

DONNA HANSON Prime Solutions

 Running a computer productivity company, the main way we generated revenue was by delivering training courses and selling product. Being part of your program opened my mind up to greater possibilities for business growth. The ideas and support I received from Paul TRIPLED our business profit in the first MONTH. I know there is no such thing as a “Get Rich Quick” Scheme, but your program is one of the best investments we have made in developing our expertise and increasing profits.

DANIELLE STOREY Million Dollar Relationships  

Without your program, Million Dollar Relationships would still be an idea and the success I am living would still be a dream.

Where and When

Venue: Bayview On The Park Hotel, 52 Queens Rd, Melbourne. 

Date: Thursday 20th and Friday 21st September 2018  

Time: Registration from 8am Event starts at 8:30am Thursday and concludes at 5pm Friday

Are you ready to Speak Your Way To Success?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Program Right For Me?

Speak Your Way To Success is designed for people who already speak to audiences or people who, given the opportunity to speak to a group, have the confidence to do so. If the idea of speaking scares the pants off you, then this is NOT the program for you. If you are comfortable speaking to an audience and want to accelerate your business growth by mastering the one to many conversation, then this program will put you on the pathway to success.  

Do I Need To Be A Paid Speaker Already?

No. It doesn't matter if you speak for money or speak for free. As you'll discover when you master the One to Many Conversation, you will be able to transform free speaking opportunities into lucrative income generating opportunities for your business.

Why Is There An Application Process?

The Seak Your Way To Success Master Class is limited to only 24 people to ensure an intensive hands on learning experience. Throughout the 2 days, participants will be constantly involved in practicing what they learn and be asked to perform in front of the group. This program is designed to create accelerated learning for those selected for the program so we want to ensure everyone attending is properly prepared to take full advantage.

Is Catering Provided?

Yes, the event is fully catered (if you have any special dietary requirements, you simply need to let us know). On the Friday night, you may like to join us for a social dinner which will be at your own expense. 

What Will I Need To Bring With Me?

On arrival at the event, you will receive a comprehensive workbook and pen. If your application is accepted, you will receive some pre-work prior to arriving at the program that will need to be completed before you attend the event. Otherwise we simply ask that you come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new possibilities for your business. 

What If I Have Questions After I Register?

Once you enrol for the Master Class, you’ll receive information from us on how to best prepare for the two days so you can maximise the benefit of this program on your business. But if you have any questions, you can always email info@marketersclub.com.au or call the office on 1300 788 839 during business hours. 


Bonus #1

The A-Z of Creating and Delivering World-Class Presentations.

 (Value $950)

Bonus #2

The Secrets of Platform Selling and Money Making Webinars 

 (Value $297)

Bonus #3

Expert speakers series. Compelling interviews with six of the most successful speakers on the planet.

 (Value $595)

Receive over $1,700 in Bonuses when you secure your seat today!

The Investment Options


  • 2 Full days of training
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Prework Planner
  •  Bonuses
  • Catering throughout the event

Your Investment $2,997  

VIP (limited to 8 people)

  • 2 Full days of training 
  • Comprehensive workbook
  • Prework Planner
  • Bonuses 
  • Catering throughout the event 
  • Comprehensive review by Paul of one of your live presentations supplied on video.  

Your Investment $3,997

ULTIMATE VIP PACKAGE (limited to 4 people)  

  • 2 Full days of training
  • Comprehensive workbook 
  • Prework Planner 
  • Bonuses
  • Catering throughout the event
  • Comprehensive review by Paul of one of your live presentations supplied on video. 
  • Private 2 hour presentation construction session in person with Paul

Your Investment $5,997

The Speak Your Way To Success Master Class is strictly limited to a maximum of 24 participants to ensure total immersion for each delegate.  

Hurry and secure your seat today. 


Are you ready to master the One to Many Conversation and rapidly accelerate the growth of your business?

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